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About Us

Drones Bond is a blog for any and all who are interested in drones – those just getting started,  aspiring professionals, or the merely curious. We offer inspiration and practical tips to help you on your journey with drones. 

Our Story

Husband and wife team Vali and Elizabeth started Drones Bond in 2014. Drones were just starting to enter the scene, and Vali immediately saw the huge potential for them to make change in a big way. With a passion for domain names and drones, Drones Bond was born. The only thing was, neither Vali nor Elizabeth had any idea how to go about developing a blog. Drones Bond was built little by little relying primarily on interviews, press releases and guest posts, enough to begin building a brand and a web presence, but not enough to live up to its potential. 

Then in October 2020 they were inspired to take Drones Bond in hand, do the hard work of learning how to run a blog properly, and completely overhaul the whole site, which included a lot of purging, pruning and rethinking the blog from the ground up. Vali is the brains behind the operation, running the marketing and making everything look spiffy. Elizabeth is the primary content producer, with a few guest writers continuing to collaborate. 

The Team

Janie Chu is a full time (homeschooling!) mom of four, and serial entrepreneur in a variety of enterprises, one of which is producing content for Drones Bond. If free time existed, she would love to spend more time on hobbies such as flying a drone. 

Viktor Chu is the visionary and driving force behind Drones Bond. He caught the bug for drones back in the early days, and started Drones Bond as a way to join the revolution. 

Our Kids