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Best Drone Courses

Cinematic Drone Secrets
A complete crash course to master cinematic drone shots.  View details here
Part 107 Bootcamp
Everything you need to pass your FAA Part 107 and charge money with.  View details here
Real Estate Masterclass
Everything you need to know about using drones for Real Estate.  View details here
FAA Part 107 Test Prep
An at-home training course for drone pilots looking to pass the Part 107.  View details here
Night Flight Ops Training
In order to fly your drone at night, you must obtain an FAA Waiver.  View details here
Aerial Roof Inspection
The roofing inspection industry offers a great opportunity to make a profit.  View details here
Drone Videography
AVAZ is an online course that’s designed to be your final source to learn Drone Videography – filming, flying, and editing.  View details here
Drone Photography
Do you want to make stunning drone photos but don’t really know where to start or how to capture and edit those “WOW” drone shots?  View details here
Part 107 Prep Course
We’ve helped over 12,000 students just like you pass their FAA Remote Pilot Exam.  View details here
Drones 101
There are also many applications that drones are being used for every day—people are constantly discovering new and innovative ways to integrate drones into their jobs and everyday life.  View details here
Cinematic FPV Drone Build
Skip costly trial-and-error and build a professional FPV drone on your 1st try. There are many reasons to build your own FPV drone.  View details here
Part 107 Public Safety
Get your license with module 1 and learn how to set up your own public safety drone program in module 2.  View details here
Drone Business Made Easy
Save money and time by learning from the mistakes and experience of an aviation business owner.  View details here
Drone Flying Skills
Master your drone flying skills with over 50 challenging maneuvers.  View details here